Does HDMI->VGA Adapter Cable support resolution of 1600X1200 75Hz 32bit color?

The HDMI->VGA Adapter cable sort of works. My new Dell XPS has a video card with one DVI one HDMI and several Display ports. My two Dell monitors (Old P1230 CRTs) have VGA inputs only. The DVI to VGA works well. The native resolution on these monitors is 1600x1200 at 75Hz. However, the new Plugable cable is currently used to connect monitor #2 from the HDMI port on the PC to the VGA input on the P1230 monitor. The screen seems fine until I try to move the cursor into it, then it flickers off. I reduced the resolution to 1280x1024, and it hardly ever flickers off now. Is there a different cable that I should have purchased to support 1600x1200 32bit color depth at 75 Hz?