does anyone have a driver download for Apple Airpods for windows 7 for the bluetooth usb adapter?

plugable dual mode bluetooth usb adapter 4.0 LE and classic bluetooth compatible model

Hi Erik,

Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry abou the problems connecting your AirPods.

If you have installed the drivers for the Plugable Bluetooth adapter from our website ( or the CD, they should include the necessary driver for the AirPods, since the AirPods use the standard Bluetooth audio drivers.

If you installed the driver and are getting an error message about missing drivers anyway or having troubles connecting, there is likely a deeper problem, such as a conflict with other drivers. We can resolve that.

Could you please tell me what you are seeing when you try to connect your AirPods?

Thank you,
Plugable Support

Could ypu please tell me what additional steps I need to take to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

Hi Chandan,
In order to give the next steps, I have to understand the issue more clearly. Did you install the driver from our website?

Plugable Support

Hi there, I have the same problem of the AirPods driver missing. I do have the Plugable drivers on my laptop and installed, but it’s not working for the AirPods. There’s still a driver missing. I don’t know what else to try to make the AirPods work right with my laptop? Please Help?!

Hi Sara,

Thank you for posting.

As far as we can figure out, that error message happens because there is some special functionality in the AirPods in Apple devices for which no Windows driver exists. However, if the rest of the installation is working OK, the AirPods work despite this error. The fact that they aren’t working yet for you probably means there is another issue involved.

Could you please contact us directly at I would like to get some diagnostic information about your computer.

Please mention my name, David Roberts, in your email so it will come to me. I’m the product manager for the adapter.


Plugable Support

DID you guys ever find a resolution to this?
I have the same issue with the product.

Hi Giles,

Generally the problem is the interplay between the Plugable adapter and the environment in the computer and the solution varies according to that.

Could you please contact us directly at We’ll need to get some information about your system, then we should be able to help.


Plugable Support