Does all apps need to be installed to new win7 before transferring files from old xp?

I was told that if I transfer all my xp files to the win7 machine without associated software that win7 will not know where to put the files and I’ll have a lot of orphans. My plan was (is) to just download all data/settings from xp to win7 then decide what software to install on win7 followed by sifting through the data eliminating what I don’t want on the new machine.
The reason for all of this is that I have a lot of different apps on my xp machine and I don’t want to eliminate anything until I have win7 all set up. Will this work to just transfer all data over to win7?

Hi Deke-

The short answer is yes, installing programs on the new PC before running easy transfer is a good idea.

I recently wrote a blog post on the topic I think you might find informative (please note that the same principles apply to moving into Windows 7):…

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
MCITP Enterprise Support Tech
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