Does ac cord come with 10 port hub?

Does the Plugable USB 2.0 10 port hub include an ac adapter and cord with wall plug?

Hi Tom,

Yes, it definitely does. 2.5 amp power adapter, with standard USA plug.

Thanks for the question!

I see that some similar products operate on 4amp, but your’s operates on 2 amps. What difference does this make? Thank you.

Hi Tom,

Each USB 2.0 device is allowed by the specification to draw up to 0.5 A (although many draw much less - e.g. keyboards, mice, and self-powered devices draw virtually none).

So with 2.5 A, you’ll be able to connect 5 devices with maximal power consumption (bus powered USB hard drives are the most common example). With 4 A, you’ll be able to connect 8. Most hubs assume users will use a mix of high and lower power devices when using all ports, because the higher-amperage power adapters are the most expensive aspect of the product.

That’s one of the reasons we sell a hub with less ports (7) but a higher rated power adapter (3A) - because it’s targeted at users with devices that have higher power demands. See… for details.

Hope that helps. Thanks for the question!


You have been very helpful! I have decided to go with the 7 port Plugable.