Docking with Android Phone (Oneplus)

I am trying to dock with my OnePlus 6T which is running Android 10/Oxygen 10.3.4. I have installed DisplayLink Presenter. When I connect my Andoird USB C to UD-CAM nothing happens. It works fine on my Dell Laptop. According to the DisplayLink program it should be automatic when connected. Is there another app I should use? Even though the USB-C cube is on, it does not even charge the phone.
I have connected to the UD-CAM: One HDMI Monitor (Vizio), USB Speakers, Logitech USB CAM & Logitech universal wireless adapter for Keyboard & Mouse.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for posting!

Please note that our Plugable UD-CAM dock is not a DisplayLink-based docking station, but rather relies on a USB-C video signal from the host (known as USB-C Alt Mode). I’m afraid the OnePlus 6T does not support USB-C video, so our UD-CAM is not going to be compatible.

While we do offer other USB 3.0 DisplayLink-based docking stations, I’m afraid we don’t support our DisplayLink-based docks with phones.

Sorry to bear the disappointing news.


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