Docking Station not working

The Docking Station was working perfectly during the first few months as to when I purchased it.

I have recently reset my laptop and updated the Windows software. The docking station no longer works. I have tried following the instructions on the following post but my docking station is still not detected by my computer.

I have also gotten in touch my laptops IT support team who have informed me that my laptop working correctly and all my USB ports are also working correctly as they are able to detect other devices as well.

The docking station shows a blue light, which indicates that the docking station itself is on, but the green light, which indicates that the laptop is connected to the station, does not turn on when I have connected the laptop the device.

I have also tried installing the recommended firmware from but I am informed that no device is connected to the laptop. The laptop is connected to the device however as when I remove the power supply of the docking station, the laptop acts as the new power supply and blue light of the station continues to stay on.

Hi Mahnoor,

Thank you for posting, and apologies for our delay in responding here in the forum.

You also reached out to us directly via on September 4th and we responded quickly to your direct email (within a few hours) but as of today we have not yet received a reply. Should you still need assistance, please respond only to our direct email to help keep all communication in one place.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

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