Docking Station not sending a signal to 2nd (3rd) monitor


I have an Asus ZenBook UX305 connected to the docking station via USB. I then have two BenQ GL2760 connected to the station as well (one via VGA, the other via HDMI).

The system seems to realize that there are 3 monitors as I have the option in the display settings to work with three but somehow the monitor connected via HDMI says “No Cable Connected”. I have switched out HDMI cords (used one thats currently in use for my Roku so definitely working) and I have switched the monitors connected via HDMI, Always the same result. Whichever one is connected via HDMI does not show a picture.

So its not the cables, and its not the monitors.

I have followed a different threads instructions and disconnected and unplugged the docking station, uninstalled all Display Link programs showing in the Control Panel, ran the Display Link cleaner tool, downloaded and installed the 8.2 M2 Display Link software, re-attached the docking station and it still does the same thing.

What gives? Any advice?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting!

To start off, I’d like to request some logs from your system in order to investigate further. We have a diagnostic utility that helps us understand more about what is going on in situations such as these. Please keep the UD-3900 dock connected to your system (with all displays still attached), then navigate to our PlugDebug tool ( and follow the instructions there.

This will create a ZIP file on your Desktop containing system logs and information. Please send that file to us directly at with the subject line: “Ticket #259500

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


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