Docking Station Not connecting with Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor or Dell Monitor

I recently acquired a new Samsung Odyssey G9 Ultrawide - 49" curved monitor. I am trying to run this monstrous monitor but use it as a split screen. Sort of like a dual monitor set up but without the gap. It is essentially 2 - 24" monitors put together. I am running the monitors on a 2015 MacBook Air using BigSur 11.6 Version. I tried to hook up a Display Port for one side of the monitor and an HDMI for the other side of the monitor but neither worked. I then tried to see if I can just get one side of the monitor up (which I can do with my Thunderbolt 2 to HDMI adaptor that I have) and even that didn’t work using the HDMI cable. I then tried to connect using any of the display ports and that didn’t work either. I then tried to hook up my old Dell Monitor which I had been using before I got this new monitor to my HDMI Cable and my Plugable Dock to see if it was the new monitor that was the issue. The old Dell Monitor did not connect either which tells me I likely got a bad unit… I have downloaded the correct drivers which is the macOS driver for Versions 11 and 12, and followed all the necessary directions and I am still getting nothing. Please help!


Thanks for reaching out!

I have responded to your direct contact to us through our support email, and will update this thread when there is further information to share.

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