Docking station no longer connecting to laptop via USB-C cable

I recently got a new Dell Latitude laptop to replace my old HP 850. My Plugable UD-3900H docking station with two monitors plugged in was working fine for 6-8 months prior to upgrading laptops, and the new Dell worked fine for about a week, but now will no longer connect/recognize the docking station and will not display or detect the displays plugged into the docking station. I have looked at other threads on the site and followed the instructions for running the cleaner and re-installing the DisplayLink driver on my device, and both have run successfully, but I am still unable to connect.

Some other things to note: The blue light still shows when the station is plugged in, I have tried unplugging everything for several minutes and replugging with no success, and the monitors work fine individually when plugging directly into the laptop via HDMI, so they shouldn’t be the issue.

Can someone please advise?


Thank you for contacting Plugable! I’m sorry to hear that your UD-3900H is no longer working as expected with your new Dell laptop, and I will be happy to assist you with this.

Edit My apologies it does appear that you have already contacted us directly at ‘’. Due to the nature of this problem I will be focusing our support there, so that we can gather some personal information.

Once again we apologize for the trouble.

Plugable Technologies

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