Docking Station for Lenovo Flex 5 USB-C HMDI 4K UHD Capable

I am looking for a docking station compatible with the lenovo Flex 5 with ethernet capabilities as well as dual monitors. One monitor is a standard VGA and the other monitor is a new smart TV 4K UHD display. I would like to get the best possible refresh rate, chrome 4:4:4 and 120 HZ with the LED TV. Is there a product you manufacture that will provide this type of display quality using a USB-C docking station and this laptop?

Thank you

Hi Jim,

Thanks for joining our forums and for asking about our products. I have reviewed the details for the Lenovo Flex 5(1470) and the Flex 5-14ARE05 version and see that these devices have USB-C ports but they are data-only ports. Therefore your computer wouldn’t support the necessary requirements to work with our USB-C based docks and would only be compatible with our USB 3.0 based docking stations which can offer a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz.

To add a 4K HDMI television to your computer I would recommend our UD-6950H so I’ve listed that dock below. To use a VGA monitor with this dock you would need to use an active HDMI to VGA adapter so I’ll list that adapter below too.

Plugable UD-6950H - USB 3.0 Dual 4K Display Horizontal Docking Station
Amazon link -
Plugable link -

Plugable HDMI-VGA - HDMI to VGA Active Adapter
Amazon link -
Plugable link -

I hope this information helps and please let us know if you have any questions.

Plugable Technologies

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