Docking Station Drive spec disappears after inserting a New Drive into the station.

I purchased the USB 3.0 3.5"/2.5" Docking Station. After installation the station shows up in the Devices and Printers window as “USB3-SATA-UASP1” and also as a Removable Disk (E:) under the Computer tab.
The Problem is : When I insert a brand new WD10EZEX 1TB SATA drive into the station. Windows 7 removes the “USB3-SATA-UASP1” briefly from the Device listing and then returns as before with the following exception: Removable Disk (E:) is no longer visible under the Computer Listing. Any Suggestions?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! Sorry to hear about this issue - this is definitely not a normal behavior.

Please visit and follow the instructions to email us a PlugDebug. Our technical support team will follow up with their findings.

Thank you!
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