Docking Station Disconnects Frequently from Laptop

Using the USB 2.0 Docking station…well, trying to.
An intermittent problem has now become frequent.
The monitor freezes suddenly, keyboard and mouse also running through the docking staiton stop working. Having tried many things, I have been able to unplug the power to the docking station for 10+ seconds have have things return to normal.
This was happening once a day, happened 4 times this morning and found that I not only had to unplug power to the docking station, but move the usb connection to the laptop to a different USB port to restore connection.
Just happened again!
Fix this now, please.

Thanks for contacting us. Sorry your dock is causing you grief this way!

With these kinds of symptoms: all devices on the hub stop working (so it’s a hub-level problem); it happens intermittently but a few times week (if it happens every time you use the dock, it’s a different problem); unplug/replug of dock power required to get the devices back (so it requires a reset of the dock’s devices), then it’s definitely pointing to a hardware problem.

In this kind of case like you’re describing, we would like to get you a replacement unit with updated firmware.

If you could email with your Amazon order number and the serial number on the bottom of the grey main unit (above the black stand), we’ll get that replacement going.

Thanks again for letting us know, and thanks for your patience while we get you fixed up!


Thanks for prompt reply. I just emailed the details to support.