Docking Station Crash- No displays are working

Been using the docking station for about a year now with no issues. Today plugged my Surface Book in and after about 10 min, both extra displays went dark and my PC can no longer detect any other displays. Already restarted the dock, updated the drivers, checked PC settings, and tested the hdmi and vga chords. Nothing is working.

Hello a griggs, thanks for posting! I am sorry to hear of this behavior and I will be happy to help!

Based off of your description and steps already taken to troubleshoot, we’ll want to examine some log files from your system to determine what could be happening. To help us do so please download and run our diagnostic utility PlugDebug –> and please send the file created on your Desktop to our direct support email address at with ‘Ticket Number 205082’ in the subject line. We’ll match everything up, examine the logs and determine next steps from there.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies