Docking Station Blues for Idea Pad Flex 5


I need advice on how to get the best docking solution for this computer:

I have tried different solutions with no luck. I would love to use the USB-C. I understand unfortunately that this USB C is not powered??? So, does that mean I need two wires hanging out of the thing to a dock? Please recommend the best solution?


Thanks for posting! In looking at the manual for the Lenovo Flex 5 here --> it seems that the USB-C port can only support data transfer (page 9). This means that video and charging will not be able to work and these are requirements for our USB-C based docking stations to work. Based off of this we do not offer a USB-C based docking station that we can recommend that would work with this system.

I am sorry we can’t be of more help.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies


Hello. I also have a new Lenovo Flex 5-1570 (81CA). I want to confirm that the UD-6950 will work with the Flex 5 via the USB 3.0 Type-A port, which I understand the Flex 5 has.

Also, is the primary difference between UD-6950 and UD-6950H just the form factor?


– Otto


Thanks for the input, Otto! Reports like this are much appreciated!

The primary difference with the UD-6950 and UD-6950H is the form factor, as you mention, but the UD-6950H also includes HDMI 2.0 output ports in order to support a mix of connections natively. Whereas the UD-6950 would require an adapter in order to convert to HDMI from the DisplayPort ports.


David W.
Plugable Technologies


Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding! I cannot confirm that he 6950s work with the Flex 5. I was requesting confirmation. Any reason to think that this is a flawed combo?

Thanks again.

– Otto


No apologies needed, I misread your statement!

Our UD-6950 and UD-6950H docks can be used with USB Type-A ports or USB Type-C ports because they both run using DisplayLink technology which only requires data transfer. We haven’t used them on the Flex 5s, but I’d expect them to work.

DisplayLink (the manufacturer of the chipset within these docks and author of the drivers) has a compatibility check tool here --> to help determine if your system is compatible with the required software.

Also, please be aware that neither of these docks can charge the system’s battery.


David W.
Plugable Technologies


Thanks, David. I downloaded and ran the tool you pointed me to, and it says that my machine passes. I’m going to order one of the 6950s and see how it goes. Thanks a lot for your responses. I’ll try to report back here on the integration between the 6950 and the Flex 5.


– Otto


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