Docking for Two Different Laptops

Hi, I’m looking for a solution to dock to different laptops (not at the same time). One is a Dell Latitude E5570 with an E port. The other is a Dell XPS 9650 with a USB-C port. I currently have the Plugable USB-C Docking Station (Display Link) to dock the XPS. I also have the Dell E Port Plus docking station for the Latitude. I would like to be able to use one docking station to utilize the monitors, keyboard and mouse for both laptops without having to change input settings or cables around as I switch. Any suggestions? How about a special adapter to convert USB-C to E port or vice versa? Is there a conversion from USB 3 to USB C, where I could then go from the Dell dock to the USB c on my XPS? Any suggestions or expertise would be greatly appreciated.