dock won't read WD drives

My new pluggable usb 3.0 dock will not read any of my WD drives. It read 5 others fine, but when I insert WD drives they are not recognized. Thanks.

Hi Michele,

Thanks for posting. Curious to help get to the bottom of the behavior you’re seeing. We sent the following to you directly via email, but have not yet received a response so we’re posting here as well.

At your convenience please send an email to regarding the details below and we can go from there:

A couple of quick questions to help me better understand what might be happening:
-Just to confirm, all of the WD drives contain existing data, correct?

-If they do contain existing data, how were they used previously? (As internal PC or Mac drives, in a different model of enclosure, in a NAS or DVR device, etc - the more specifics we have regarding this, the more helpful it will be in understanding what’s going on and how to resolve it.)


Hi Michele,

We’re closing this thread due to lack of response. Please feel free to contact us via email at and we’ll be happy to help!