Dock seems dead

My plugable dock appears to have failed. I have been using it without problem since purchase as the home for my main drive (a Samsung 860 EVO) on a 2013-era imac. It crashed spontaneously. There is no blue or red light light showing. Neither is there a green light on the plug. No response to turning on and off.

My drive appears to be functioning normally when I boot from it on a different machine (using a USB-C to SATA adaptor.

Any ideas? Could it just be the plug?

It seems it is the plug. Now working OK with a standard 12V adaptor. Do I need a plugable adaptor or can I just use any standard plug? I live in Hong Kong so shipping is an issue.

Hi Colin,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support. And thank you for providing an update to this issue. We do recommend using the power adapter that your product came with but you can certainly opt to use another power adapter so long as it meets the required specifications.

When you have a moment could you tell us the model number of the dock that you have in your possession? I would be happy to look up those specifications to ensure that you are using a power supply that is compatible.

Best regards,

Michael S.

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