Dock not working

I have a Lenovo Yoga 730-13 running Windows 10 Home Edition.

Just purchased the UD-3900 dock.
I’ve plugged it in.
Connected it via the USB 3.0 cable provided. Followed the exact steps for connecting it on the video.
Nothing, so just in case I went to the product page and manually installed the drivers.

Nothing. Computer doesn’t seem to sense it.
Power seems to be fine, I don’t see a blue light displaying.

Tried connecting a monitor, and a mouse to it. Nothing.

Is this docking station not compatible with the Yoga 730-13? I thought I had read it was compatible with a lot of other flavors of Yogas.

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The UD-3900 docking station is compatible with most Windows computers and should work properly on your Yoga 730-13. However, if the power light on the dock isn’t coming on when it is plugged in to a known good power source then I suspect that either the dock or its power adapter have failed.

I will reach out to you by email to ask for your order details so we can see about sending you a replacement device and will update this post when we have more details on the issue or resolution.


Thanks for the quick response Andrew.

I have received your email. And I have responded. But I just auto received the same email again?
I responded a second time just for good measure.

Is my email getting lost somehow? Are you a bot?

Should I just return it to the Amazon seller that I bought it from?


Received the replacement dock, its working as expected.
Very happy with the immediate response, and fast turnaround.

Still don’t believe that you are an actual human being Andrew, BUT even if you are bot you managed to fix my issue quickly. So in the end I don’t really care.

If you aren’t a bot Andrew, please tell me your favorite Star Wars character.

Thanks again.

Hi Flip,

Thanks for working with us on this issue and I’m glad the replacement is working well. I can assure you that all our support technicians are real people who are here to help. You can even see me dressed as Fred Flintstone at the top of our careers page.

As far as Star Wars, I’ve only seen a few of the movies but I would say that my favorite character was probably Queen Amidala.

Please do reach out to us again if you see any other issues or have any questions about our devices.


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