Dock not connecting to computer since Windows update (Sept 2018)

I’ve tried the steps suggested in other posts (uninstalling then reinstalling the drivers, connecting things one at a time, etc.) and nothing seems to register when I connect the USB-C cable. It doesn’t charge or connect to the 2 external displays that previously worked. If I disconnect the external display from the dock and connect to it directly, that works, but that only allows me 1 external display (and is the whole reason I bought the dock in the first place). Out of ideas on what to try at this point and will otherwise need to return it if it isn’t fixed.

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I’m having the same problem. Boots with 2 black screens but I do get a white mouse.
Dell XPS 13 with 2 AOC E2752S monitors. If I disconnect the PC from the dock, it boots OK. then I connect the dock and get both screens but it wont run display settings or Windows settings. They don’t show up on either screen.
Need a solution ASAP.

Update on my side: after updating all drivers (both for display adapters and monitors), doing another windows update (presumably to fix some of these issues, + changing the physical cable and it started charging + recognizing 1 of the 2 monitors. If I connect one of the monitors directly to the computer, it also recognizes that one, but sort of defeats the purpose of having the dock. Best of luck.

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