Dock Monitor doesn't work after sleep/reboot


I have the plugable USB 3.0 docking station. The monitor that is plugged into it via HDMI stops displaying if the laptop goes to sleep or first boots up. Unplugging/replugging the docking station USB to the laptop resolves the issue, but it’s still quite annoying. Note that other docked peripherals work fine after reboot/sleep (mouse, keyboard, speakers).

I believe this problem began after I installed DisplayLink version 8.2.1638.0. This was an attempt to fix a different problem, where the entire thing would apparently crash briefly while playing video games.


Hi Nichole,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to help with your docking station! (cool avatar picture BTW :slight_smile:

Based on your description of the behavior, the first thing to check is the HDMI cable itself as I have seen instances where an HDMI cable does not consistently provide enough power to ensure that a display wakes up initially (there is a small voltage passed through the cable to do this).

One quick way to rule that out as a cause of the current behavior is to swap the current cable with a new one that meets the HDMI 1.4 standard or better. If you swap the cable with a new one does that help? An example of a cable that many of our customers report works well is this AmazonBasics cable ->

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I will try this and report back. In retrospect, this may actually have started happening after I swapped which monitor was plugged directly into the dock and which was plugged into the laptop.


Hi Nichole,

Thanks for getting back, and thank you for the additional information. Please just let us know the results as you have time and we will determine the next steps from there.

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I ordered the specified amazon HDMI cable and unfortunately that did not resolve the issue. This behavior happens on both laptops, the second of which is actually running DisplayLink 8.2.1491.0.

So it may still be related to the monitor in question, but is perhaps not caused by the HDMI cable. Any other suggestions?


Hi Nichole,

Thanks for getting back with the update, and I am sorry the new cable did not help.

Is it possible to test the behavior temporarily with a different HDMI monitor (or alternatively an HDMI TV if you have one) to see if the results are different? That will help us isolate the behavior further…

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So I restored the previous configuration that used to work. In other words, I changed which monitor was plugged into the docking station via hdmi and which was plugged into the laptop via hdmi and the problem has persisted.


Hi Nichole,

Thanks for getting back with the update. Given your results our next step is to get more information from your system.

If you would, please keep everything connected and send the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug --> to with ‘For ticket #181743’ in the subject line so we can match everything up (don’t post the file in the forum). This will allow us to examine some log files from your system to help determine the next steps. If you can also include your Amazon Order ID number for the docking station in your email that would be most helpful.

In the interim if it is possible to test the behavior temporarily with a different HDMI monitor (or alternatively an HDMI TV) other than the two original monitors in your setup, that may provide an additional data point.

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Debug file sent. Unfortunately I do not have another HDMI display device to test with.