Do Plugable have a USB hub that works with Linux Mint and Windows?

Hi, I am running Windows 10 and Linux mint 19.1 on a dual boot system.
I have a plugable USB hub that works on Windows but does not seem to work on Linux Mint 19.1. The hub is great, if only it worked as a plug n play on Linux Mint, but it doesnt. Unless I am doing something wrong!
See here

As I use multiple monitors so much I do not mind re-investing in a more up to date plugable, or other hub. I would prefer to stay with Plugable as its been good to date and the service, when I have needed to contact support, has been good.

Is there another hub that is newer, more up to date that would work with Win 10 and Linux Mint 19.1? I only have two external monitors and rarely add anything else to the hub, which has seven usb ports in total.
Any new hub needs a minimum of two USB’s to ports to support the monitors an extra one would be handy, maybe. Or a direct replacement of the seven port would be fine.

Suggestions anyone?



Thank you for reaching out to us, I have replied to your previous post, the PlugDebug log file requested in the other thread should provide the necessary details to determine if another docking station may work better with your system with both Windows and Linux Mint.

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Thanks Pat. Responded on email and in other thread. Appreciated. Great service as always with plugable


Thank you for the update, I will mark this thread as closed and we can continue on the other thread.

Thank you!