Do I need to install the 4.0 drivers for OS X High Sierra?


I uninstalled the old drivers, and things seemed to get much better on OS X High Sierra. Do I need to install the 4.0 driver? Doesn’t seem like I need it for my 12 inch retina MacBook (2016).


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If you are using any DisplayLink graphics product DisplayLink drivers are required. Which product are you using with your MacBook? Perhaps the functions you are using do not require the drivers if you’ve been having better performance after the uninstall.

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The only display is an HDMI monitor. Seems to be OK without a driver.


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Thanks for the info. If you’ve got our UD-ULTCDL or UD-ULTC4K then the “4K” port will not need those drivers. Same goes for our UD-CA1 / CA1A the HDMI does not require drivers.

If you have other ports on your dock like a second “2K” HDMI or DVI and you want to use them, at that time the drivers would be required.



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