Do I buy the UD-PRO8 or UD-3900 for my DV8P? I gotta buy it today!

UD-PRO8 or UD-3900? I have DV8P and one monitor (ASUS 2HDMI/MHL inputs, 1080p). If I get 3900 for future dual-monitor option, do I lose anything that’s better for using the DV8P with one monitor right now? As you can tell, I know nothing, so if 3900 will make anything more complicated for me right now with my one display, I don’t want it – no IT pros around to help me anymore!. Thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (BTW, I didn’t even know what “Related Product/Service” to pick, so when I say I need to keep things simple, I really mean it.)

Hi Sara,

Thank you for posting this question and contacted our support team in another email. I’ve actually replied you via email already, but we think the best choice for you is UD-PRO8. It will charge and do extra display with one connection.

The UD-PRO8 comes with the followings:

  • A USB cable that has micro USB connector.
  • A DVI-to-HDMI port adapter
    You can connect your HDMI monitor to the DV8P through the UD-PRO8 without purchasing any additional parts. When you wanted to add more monitors, you can add more USB graphics adapter to the dock.

Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, please let me know by replying the email I’ve sent you earlier. Hope this helps!

Plugable Support