Do any of your UGA units have audio with video? Thank you


Hi - Thanks for your question! Not yet - they’re all USB graphics adapters only (except for the universal docking station, which does include both graphics and audio, but doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for).

Neither VGA or DVI carries audio. HDMI does. Where people typically want both graphics and audio in a single device is when they are running HDMI to a TV or monitor which also has speakers – they want both the graphics and audio to run over that one HDMI cable.

We don’t yet have a USB to HDMI adapter which does this on sale, but do have one that’s just completing development, which we expect to launch at the end of February.

So we don’t have an answer right now, but if you follow our twitter feed ( or blog (, you’ll get the announcement of the new product as soon as it’s available.

Thanks again for your question!