DL-5500 adapter that supports HDCP - is Plugable just "more honest" or is there a difference?

I would like to get a couple DL-5500-based USB3.0 DisplayPort adapters, and was prepared to pull the trigger on the Plugable UGA-4KDP, then I noticed it does not support HDCP. This struck me as a bit odd, as I expected it was more-or-less a reference of the DL-5500, which the manufacturer claims supports HDCP. I also noticed that another vendor (Diamond) claims to support HDCP on their product based on the same chipset.

I would much rather give Plugable my money over Diamond, but not having HDCP support is going to make things more difficult for me. Am I going to find that no other DL-5500 supports HDCP (and the manufacturers are giving incorrect info) or why the difference in HDCP support between devices?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for posting, and I would be happy to answer your question. The DL-5500 chipset in our UGA-4KDP adapter can be ordered in two versions from DisplayLink, one that supports HDCP and one that does not. The chip in our adapter does NOT support HDCP.

We can’t speak to what version of the chip is in use by Diamond Multimedia or other vendors, so I’m afraid we can’t offer more insight in that area.

Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

Hi Bob,
I’m disappointed to hear that, but I appreciate the honest and prompt response. I hope you will consider making an HDCP-enabled version of the product in the future. Thank you.