DL-165 Blue Screen of Death on Startup

I just installed the Plugable DL-165 USB VGA adapter on my desktop. I have two monitors. It is working ok on Ubuntu but only on one monitor so far. I then tried it on Windows 7 and it was working fine after installing the drivers on both screens. However, I tried to start Windows again and I get the blue screen of death within a few seconds of choosing the Windows boot option.

I get an option when rebooting again to try a startup analysis or something (can’t exactly remember it) which says it can’t fix the problem. It says it a device driver or update is causing the issue, which seems quite likely to be the new adapter. What I can do?

Hi pmcronin1010,

Sorry to hear about your system encountering a Blue Screen. To troubleshoot the cause, we need you to get the .dmp files that are located in the c:\windows\minidump directory. One way to access the directory is to hold down the F8 key while starting the system and then choose “safe mode”. This should allow Windows to boot in safe mode with limited drivers.

If you can get into safe mode, please add all of the files in the minidump directory to a zip archive and email it to support@plugable.com.

We’ll have a look as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience,

Plugable Technologies

For the benefit of others,

The computer was started in Safe Mode and drivers from a previous - non-Plugable USB Graphics adapter were removed. The computer was then restarted and so far is stable.