DisplayLinkUI and manager do not work

I just recieved this product but way too many problems with it from the getgo: The DisplayLInkUI and DisplayLink Manager do not work. You cannot open them to do anything. IM also reading in the support section that many people having the problem that either this adapter is bruning out or stop working completely after 3 to 6 months. Im starting to feel like I made a mistake buying it and this product is not really ready to be released to public for profit. I need solution asap please

Hi Cem,

Thanks for posting. We do support in public, so everything is visible and people can find existing answers. With so many units in the field, we get to see a lot. :slight_smile:

So let’s solve the problem you’re seeing. It sounds like the DisplayLink drivers may not be installed (or not fully). Could you run DisplayLink’s support tool and email the .zip it generates to support@plugable.com? here’s how:

That’ll give us all the background on what operating system you’re on, what hardware you have, and what the DisplayLink drivers think are happening.

From that, we’ll be able to help get you running.

Thanks for emailing that!