DisplayLink update leads to blue screen of death. Saved. Whew. Could this be improved?

I am recent (about a month) user of UGA 2KA with DisplayLink software. Got my two monitors set up with notebook computer, working fine. This morning got notification of update of DisplayLink (don’t recall the version number), installed it. Immediate problems configuring monitors, struggled thru, then blinking displays followed by blue screen of death. Opened Win7 in safe made and restored system prior to DisplayLink update, and things seem back to normal working order. In future I will wait for you folks to send a message that DisplayLink updates have been tested by you and deemed safe. Is that something you can do?

Hi Ken - That is definitely frightening and frustrating.

Yes, what I’d recommend is to subscribe to our RSS feed most related to DisplayLink drivers: http://plugable.com/category/scenario…

So far, we’ve only been doing a post when a driver is first released. But given that we tend to get familiar with nooks and crannies of the driver over time (by providing support to our thousands of customers here), we could really help people by providing periodic updates - e.g. that a certain driver version is proving very stable, or that it’s got problems when combined with this-or-that ATI or nVidia driver version, etc.

You could then hold off upgrades until we’re at least able to comment on what we’ve seen over time. We’ll aim to do more of that from here on out.

Normally this level of care isn’t required for a device, but unfortunately USB graphics is doing something that none of the current OSes is designed to do (neither Win or Mac has an easy driver model for USB graphics) so a driver like DisplayLink’s hooks to the OS and primary graphics driver in ways that are fragile and has a lot of dependencies on other stuff.

So at a very high level our two recommendations are:

  1. If you’re installing DisplayLink drivers for the first time on a system, get the most recent drivers as a rule.
  2. But if you’ve got a working setup, follow the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” principle.

On the specific problem you hit Ken, if you’d be willing to help, we’d like to know what about your system might have triggered the crash on update, and get a report to DisplayLink.

If you could quickly run the DisplayLink Support Tool http://plugable.com/support/displayli… and send the output to support@plugable.com, we’d appreciate it.

Sorry you got tumbled by a rogue wave. Glad you were able to get yourself back on the board,

I know this problem how to solve , it is firmware problem , and its need to update firmware accordingly after update its Displaylink driver, because We are also one of Periperial PC manufacturing this USB Video Docking station, we find this problem before mass product , if you need more info,pls contact with me : Kavidvcd@hotmail.com

I am getting the blue screen and i will not allow my computer to restart unless i do the unistall. What can i do? I want to keep the monitor but I am ready to send it back. Please respond to me at womanofgod1971@yahoo.com.

Thanks Kim G

Hi Kim - Thanks for posting. We’ll be able to help. This thread is older, so it’s likely your problem is different. Can you email support@plugable.com and let us know which Plugable device you have (and/or your Amazon order #)? We’ll figure out what’s wrong and help.