Displaylink puts noise on audio

I have a Mac Pro with 2 monitors. I have a added a 3rd with DisplayLink USB3 to DVI gadget, It puts a sort of digital hash on the audio. If I use the USB3 port on my PCIe card the noise is bad. If I use that port with an extension M/F USB3 cable the noise is intolerable. If I use a powered USB3 hub the noise is also bad.The only solution I have found is to use a powered USB2 hub. Anyone have any ideas?

Also the colour of the monitor is totally different to my other 2 identical monitors and will not come anywhere close by changing the parameters on the monitor. Is that usual?

Many thanks in advance, Jay Denson

Hello Jay - I am sorry to hear about this. Is this a Plugable branded display adapter?

What you describe does not sound like usual behavior.