Displaylink on linux

If i got a linux machine, what driver should i compile for using the displaylink device?
From the above, web site, i saw THREE DRIVERS:
X FrameBuffer Driver. Standard X driver updated to use DisplayLink devices.
X DisplayLink Driver. X driver just for DisplayLink devices.
Kernel DisplayLink Driver from Google Code.

The kernel driver is included into the kernel ready, i have also compiled “X DisplayLink Driver” and modified xorg.conf, the screen comes out, but incorrect, its hard to describe it, please refer this image:
It seems that my original desktop has been cutted in to few parts and in the wrong position.

Should i compile the fbdev driver, too?


HI HopkinsKong,

Thanks for contacting us at Plugable support. It seems like you’ve gotten your udlfb driver functioning. Here’s a link with the details about setting up a USB monitor in linux:


Also, here’s a link to the DisplayLink forums related Linux:


Can you say more about which Plugable Adapter you have? If you aren’t sure just forward your Amazon Order ID over to support@plugable.com and we’ll be happy to help.


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