DisplayLink not playing videos on UGA-3000

Pluggable UGA-3000 displaylink adapter
DVI cable
ASUS Monitor

Android 9
DisplayLink Presenter from Play Store

mp4 and mov videos do not play on the second screen using video player, movie player, VLC etc. The screen correctly mirrors the main screen and also works as a presentation screen in applications.

I can provide example videos if it would help

Depending on the videos you are trying to play, I do know that the DisplayLink chip in that device will not support HDCP and will not allow for playback of encrypted Bluray disks or any other copy-protected content.

Are there any videos that will play on that device?

thank you for your response, I can play wmv (Windows Media Video) format files only, I can send you a sample of a video that will not play if it helps any.

Thank you for your reply, do you know of any workarounds etc. that we can implement, such as our own DRM/HDCP drivers/handlers or perhaps so kind of hardware adapter to work around this issue?

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