DisplayLink Monitor doesn't work as primary screen

I have Plugable UD-160-A USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station and I’m using it with Fujitsu Lifebook S Series (Intel Core i5). I’m working with monitor connected to docking station and my Lifebook screen as second monitor.
Problem is that I can’t make monitor connected to docking station as primary screen. Option ‘Set as primary monitor’ from DisplayLink software doesn’t work. Also my graphic card doesn’t see second screen at all.
Please, let me know how to setup monitor connected to docking station as primary screen and Lifebook screen as extension.

Hi Gosia,

Thanks for posting your question. We’ll be happy to help. If you are running Windows 7 can you get to the display configuration setup? One way is to right click on the desktop, choose personalize, then display, then change display settings, from there you can choose which monitor Windows sees as the main desktop.

Let me know if that helps!


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