DisplayLink icon is not visible

I am trying to set up Multi display adapter UGA-125
DL-125 chip
OS Windows XP

Adapter is recognized by the system, the software is loaded with no problem, but
DisplayLink icon is not visible.
I tried to stop the DisplayLinkManager service by typing ‘net stop DisplayLinkManager’
Then restarted Typing “C:\Program Files\DisplayLink Core Software\DisplayLinkUI.exe”
Did not help
Could you please give me any idea how to fix it

Try the following way to solve it :
1)First confirm whether graphic card of Mainboard recongize by PC, if not ,it will happen the above issue , so, pls confirm whether graphic card driver is correct.
2) Restart your PC, then connect this device to PC, and look whether it can work properly.
3) Uninstall displaylink driver of this device, then restart your PC, next download the latest driver from Displaylink to install it ,finally connect your device to PC, look whether it can work properly.

Unfortunately this did not help
Thanks for your help