Displaylink driver will not work if MCT driver is present; cannot uninstall MCT driver

I got a UGA-4KDP and hooked it up to an Acer 4k monitor. I ran the install CD on Windows 7 64-bit. Says I have to uninstall incompatible video software. That software is what I use to run 4 other monitors from my laptop. It is j5create by Magic Control Technology. I have never been able to get Displaylink to work with those monitors, so I cannot uninstall j5create.

Is there any alternative but to return your device for a refund?

Hi danmeek,

Thanks for posting here! All our USB graphics adapters and docks have DisplayLink chipset inside and need DisplayLink drivers to be installed on the system in order to function.

Mixing graphics drivers from the different USB technology providers (the big three are DisplayLink, SMSC, and MCT) can be problematic and is not recommend. As long as non-DisplayLink based USB graphics drivers are present on the system, latest DisplayLink drivers will not install. Sorry about that!

What this means is that DisplayLink based products will not work on systems on which drivers from other USB technologies have been installed. Uninstalling those drivers is the only solution to the problem. Since you are using MCT adapters, this is not an option for you.

Hence returning the unit to amazon for a refund is indeed the best option.

Once again, my apologies for being the bearer of bad news!