Displaylink driver update

plugable after Displaylink driver update not producing connection to the display. Windows 7, 64 bit

Hi Andrea - you’re not the only one! Thank you for the report, here’s some suggestions while we figure out what’s happening this morning:


We’ll find the problem and recommend the right solution. Until then, thanks for your continued reports (which help other users) and your patience!


Hi Andrea - we’re using twitter to report the latest on this, until we get it completely understood. Our twitter feed is http://twitter.com/plugable

We saw the driver available notice from DisplayLink and updated one system, and didn’t have a problem – so since you have a system that’s affected, we’d like your help in trying a few things if you’re able.

  1. Try unplugging both the cable to the monitor and the USB cable from the adapter, than plug in the USB cable, and then finally the monitor (in that order)
  2. could you click the Windows button in the lower left hand corner of the desktop, and into the “Search programs and files” box type “\program files\displaylink core software” Then right click on the “DisplayLinkManager” application, select “properties” at the bottom, and click the “details” tab. Phew. Then report back with what the value fo the “File version” property is on the system with the problem.

Thanks if you’re able here!

Hi Andrea - we’ve been focused on this problem for the last few hours, and it appears to be specific to the 5.3.25973.0 version of driver in the update.

if so, we’d like to confirm we can get you fixed up quickly.

First, could you help us by clicking the Windows start button (lower left hand corner), into the “search programs and files” box enter “device manager” to start it. Then look for the UD-160-A displaylink device – does it have a yellow exclaimation after it? If so, can you right click, select properties, and look if the error message is “Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have
installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might
be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)”

If it is that error, it confirms you’re seeing the same issues that others have been this morning.

The solution at that point is to install drivers later than 5.3.25973.0. You can choose either the 5.4 production drivers or the 5.5 beta drivers from http://displaylink.com/support/downlo…

No need to uninstall anything before those upgrades - just go right for it.

Can you confirm if this is your issue, and whether it resolves it?

Thanks so much for your patience!

Hi Andrea - if possible, when you get a chance, can you let us know if this solution worked for you? It will help in figuring out how many other people (who might not have posted), might have experienced the same problem. Thanks again for your posting and patience!

Sorry to get back to you late but i had been out of town. The error message was correct in the beginning then I did do an uninstall of the driver. After that it was not able to install the driver correctly.
When I got back home last night and hooked my laptop back up to the plugabale it indicated that a new driver update is available. I did install it (just like in the morning) and then everything went back to normal.
The file version of the DiplayLink Manager is still 5.3.25973.0
I will download the new driver though.
Thank you for your help

Glad that you’re back to good! Please let us know of anything in the future!