Display Settings keep on changing to "Disconnect this Display"


Sony Vaio laptop with a DVI output on the docking station. The Plugable unit is connected to the docking station to drive a second display.
Normally this setup works well.
Many times when docking the laptop, the USB display stays off. Looking at the settings in the “screen resolution” shows that this monitor is detected, but set as “Disconnect this display”. Changing the settings to “Extend to …” turns on the monitor.

  1. Is there I way to prevent it from happening?
  2. If not, can you suggest a script that would reload the correct settings?

Thank you,


Hi Boaz,

Thanks for contacting us, we’ll be happy to help. When connecting a USB graphics device through a docking station with built in graphics we sometimes see unusual behavior like you are reporting. On your machine it should be possible to get back to extended mode by pressing the “windows” key and the “p” key together. Is that the case? If so is it an acceptable workaround?

Let me know these additional details,


Thank you!