Display order

Running a dual DVI GeForce 9500GT card on Windows XP Pro; when inserting Plugable UGA-2K-A, this display becomes #2 and causes a “dead spot” when moving from displays on DVI #1 and DVI #2. Is there a way to set the Plugable as the #3 display?

Fixed my own issue: Even though I had rearranged the monitors in display properties to be DVI 1 (#1) - DVI 2 (#3) - UGA-2K-A (#2), Windows was having an issue with seamless movement between the two DVI outputs. I unchecked “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” for the UGA device and the “dead spot” disappeared. Re-checking this option did not recreate the dead spot and the cursor now moves across the two DVI desktop monitors seamlessly now. Apparently this spurred Windows to recognize the configuration.

Cool - Thanks for self-solving this one before we could even get to it, and posting what you saw for the benefit of others. Thank you!!