Display link not working after 9 months

I have DisplayLink Graphics Adapter for 9 months and it stops working today.
I tried connecting to two working monitors but neither are displaying any image.
From the Control Panel of Win XP, it says “No Device on DisplayLink Graphics Adapter.”

Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

Could the adapter go bad just after 9 months? !](https://sslproxy.getsatisfaction.com/sslproxy/SWhAdDNLMG5zdGFuVGlWenmLbJDGd3CABhjZermgcystANA4T6nd0pzV0fSzBRRGOd17A4b8ZLwi6-HESbXI0hEmZ-bNYcNkDnuFiF4IxTMAvn91oGKrCwkRZYX5qYzihC8tKj9_3eXs_KD12v7jYSl-I5x1zqJ0SLw5V2kehr0=.jpg)](http://s3.amazonaws.com/satisfaction-production/s3_images/548700/ScreenHunter_01_Aug._01_10.05.jpg)


Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with our Display Adapter!

We’ll get you up and running!

Can you say which one of our many adapters do you have and what is the driver version you’re currently using?

Does the green led blink anymore?

Once we have this information we can suggest next steps!


It is UGA-125.
Switching monitor did not help.
Rebooting XP did not help.
Unpluging and repluging USB solved the problem It is working again.

Hi! That’s good news!

Let us know if the problem comes back and we’ll take care of you!