Display Link Manager Greyed Out

Installed on Vista laptop, and all is fine. Installed on Windows 7 laptop, and the Display Link Manager option is greyed out in the UD-160-A icon located in the system tray. Is that normal for the Display Link Manager to be greyed out? I was able to access the Advanced option to adjust the screen resolution and set the desk top monitor as primary.

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On Windows 7, the “DisplayLink Manager” and “Advanced Configuration” options actually take you to the same place: Windows 7’s own Screen Resolution control panel which has the “Make this my main display” checkbox and other configuration functionality.


If both options are greyed out, you can still get to the Windows 7 panel directly ,but we’d want to figure out why. One thing to check is whether you’re running the latest DisplayLink drivers (version 5.5 M1), available from http://displaylink.com/support/downlo…

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