Display issues when I connect macbook pro m1 2021 and laptop and UD-768PDZ both on

The secondary screen (I only use 1 external screen for now) will seem to lose a color and be primarily pink. Disconnecting the HDMI wire sometimes resolved the issue.

Issue seems to be intermittent and I cannot reliably reproduce.

Usually I solve using the following procedure:
Shutdown macbook, connect USB-C from UD-768PDZ to macbook, make sure UD-768PDZ is powered on, turn on macbook.

Hello Karell,

Thank for contacting us at Plugable and welcome to our forums! I can certainly help investigate these issues with your display losing/changing color to pink and help work towards a solution.

If it’s alright with you I believe it would be best if you were to contact us directly on our support page here: https://plugable.com/pages/support

Please reference ticket 429648 in your email to us and we would be glad to further assist.

Plugable Support Specialist

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