Display is slow on extended monitor

I use a plugable USB-VGA 165 to extend the display from a laptop. My current setup is (1) Acer Aspire 5733 laptop with i5-480M, 4GB DDR3 Memory (2) Asus 23" monitor 1920x1080 as main display, and (3) 19" monitor 1289x1024.

I started to notice a considerable drag when I place a firefox browser on #3 and drag and hold Excel windows across it. This would produce a flurry of Excel windows while leaving the browser with blank and spotted display. From time to time the Firefox browser would have random black bars that appear, some as large as half a page.

Can you tell me if such display issues are related to the plugable unit? The problems don’tt seem to be as severe when all the windows are on the main display + laptop combination. I’ve tried reinstallation but the problem continues. Thank you.

Hi DL,

Thanks for posting here! I’m sorry to know about the issue that you are seeing on the display connected through our Plugable USB-VGA-165. I apologize for the frustration caused!

Is the current OS installed on the Acer Aspire Windows 7?

If yes, the first thing to try when windows freeze on Win 7 or Vista is to check whether Windows Aero is disabled (unfortunately it’s common). Can you run the Win 7 Aero troubleshooter and see if that identifies/fixes any problems and helps? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wi…

Just let us know. If your OS is not Windows 7 or Vista or please let us know which version of OS is on the system.

Once you post back with this information, we’ll figure out next steps.