Display is blurry

The display is blurry when projecting to a monitor through the docking station. The problem is fixed when plugging the monitor directly to the laptop via the same HDMI cable. I have a lenovo X1 carbon 5th generation laptop and a samsung 24in monitor

With docking station

Direct connection to laptop

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us via our GetSatisfaction page. I also received your previous reply via email, and I hope you have received the response!

If not, I was able to review your log files, and it looks as if all of your DisplayLink related drivers have been installed and updated. I did have some additional questions, just to isolate the problem down as much as possible.

Does the blurriness only occur in one individual application? Based on the picture quality, it is a little difficult to discern.

Also, how are you connecting the external monitor to the docking station? A good way to present this looks like this:

Monitor 1 (Monitor Model Number) > HDMI to HDMI cable > HDMI port on Docking station.

Thank you for your time,
Product Owner & Technical Support