Display Install Clearner Wiped out Graphics Driver

OK, I finally took the nerve to use the DisplayLink Install Clearner, and it completely wiped our my video driver, and I am now typing from a 640X480 display with my computer telling me it can’t find my NVIDIA GEForce 7500 LE card which by happens chance in on the mother board!!

I have the better part of a day trying to undo the damage caused by the install cleaner, but I have had no luck whatsoever. The DisplayLink forum doesn’t have an issue like this one. I have turned off my computer, but due to the Motherboard location of the display functions, there is no way to reset the card (so to speak).

I am left with either two options:

  1. Junk the computer and buy a new Windows 7 with a card that doesn’t need a plugable device,
  2. Or see if you have a solution up your sleeve.

I would much prefer solution #2; however, I understand that this is the risk I take when using non-standard solutions to problems. don’t get me wrong, I think your product is sound, just the implementation of a third party chip and software is the problem.

Thank you,
Paul Lohnes
Windows XP SP3
HP Pavilion a1657n
NVIDIA GEForce 7500 LE (graphics)
4 GBytes RAM

Hi Paul,

How frustrating! I’m sorry for the lost time! We’ll be able to help set things right.

As you have, I searched DisplayLink’s forums and can’t find another instance of what you’ve hit. I’m suspecting a conflict of some kind between particular driver versions (we know the one earlier release of the DisplayLink 6.0 driver had an uninstall problem; perhaps also the cause of DisplayLink’s cleaner not leaving things in the right state).

I’m hopeful we’ll be able to get things back to good by just re-installing the nVidia drivers and DisplayLink drivers after that (with known good versions of both).

  1. You can get the latest nVidia drivers for your chipset by visiting http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index… Go with “Option 2” to automatically click and find the right drivers for your hardware.

  2. Reboot and verify that your main screen is back to high res. Let us know if you hit any problems at all - we’ll be able to help.

  3. Then install DispayLink’s 5.6 M1 driver (the one on this link: http://displaylink.com/support/sla.ph… ). DisplayLink has a newer driver release (6.1 M2), but our most recent recommended version is 5.6 M1 at this point.

If you hit any errors or problems on these 3 steps, please let us know.

Once both the nVidia and DisplayLink drivers are successfully installed and all’s well, then plug in your USB graphics adapter - your screens will flash a few times and Windows reconfigures, but you’ll then be up and running.

My apologies for the multiple steps to get past the original uninstall problem with the DL 6.0 driver.

Again, thanks so much for your understanding and patience and let us know how things go if you can!