Display has issues with initial sync

Hi Folks, just purchased your USB to Display Port Adapter and it is giving me fits. Once it is in syn it works great, problems is when it wakes up or after reboot the display comes on for a brief second and shuts off. sometime it will come on and then go off multiple times, at times it will just not come on at all. If I power cycle my monitor it will eventually work ? Running latest drivers from your site and tried multiple DP cables. Know the monitor is good as it works reliably with my Chrome Box that has DP output.

Running Win7 x64 tried both USB 2 and 3, seems to work better on USB 3 using a cheap low quality DP cable. Tried a higher end Dell DP cable it is much more difficult to get to sync up ? Monitor is a new ASUS VN279G 27"

Resolved, excellent log files created by the Support Tool, pointed me straight to the issue. If installed remove “Akami NetSession Interface - Admintool.exe” would have never figured that one out on my own without logging !


Excellent find, and thanks for posting the update!