Display connected to HDMI port is blank

I am using this dock with a 16 inch MacBook Pro and two Acer V277U monitors. One monitor is connected to the DisplayPort and works fine. The other monitor is connected via HDMI and is not working. While the monitor is recognized by macOS, there is no picture (blank screen). I tried all suggested resolutions to the other post here (restarting dock etc) with no success.

Just to confirm the monitor/cable/Mac is working as expected, I can confirm that I am able to run both monitors if I use a secondary USB C to HDMI adaptor for one of the monitors and the DisplayPort on the dock for the second monitor.

Just resolved the issue by setting the HDMI display to 60Hz instead of 75Hz.

Hi Ehsan,

Thanks for the update and I am so glad this is working.

The TBT3-UDC3 will support up to a 4K display and 60Hz so that would explain the issue that you were having.

Thank you for giving us a chance to help and have a happy new year!

Richard A
Plugable Technologies

Did you configure 75hz to 60hz on the monitor? I have a udc3 and dtwo p2715q dell 4k/60hz monitors. Plugged into dp they work, or if i use the included dp to hdmi, but when I use the hdmi port it doesn’t work. Also it works if I use a cheap uni usbc c to displayport for the second monitor. I ordered a udz to see if having two displayports fixes the problem but I’m bummed about losing a usb-c port, but currently I’m losing it anyway to drive the second monitor.

I set both monitors to 60Hz in system preferences > Displays > Refresh Rate.

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