Display blank or laptop screen blank: issue with UD-3900 plugable USB 3.0

Issue with UD-3900 plugable USB 3.0 - I have an hp monitor plugged in directly to my macbook (OS X 10.11.6) via HDMI. I have a Dell plugged into my plugable via DVI. I have my plugable plugged into my macbook via USB. When I restart my computer, the laptop screen and HP screen are blank, and the Dell screen is working. When I unplug the USB the laptop screen and HP screen start working. When I plug the USB back in, the laptop screen and HP screen keep working and the Dell screen stays blank. I’ve gotten the newest drivers already.

Hi David,

We replied to your email inquiry on this issue directly, but are posting in reply here as well for the benefit of others who may be researching similar issues:

While we don’t officially support most of our USB graphics products on Mac (due to ongoing driver issues between Apple and DisplayLink still being worked on), we can certainly try a couple things to see if this behavior is solvable.

DisplayLink has just released new drivers for macOS which solve some of the remaining issues.


Please note you’ll need to uninstall the current drivers first (there is an uninstall utility contained in the new installer above). Can you please give these new drivers a try and see if they help with the behavior?