Display adapter for WHS2011?

I need to find a way to connect a monitor to my HP MediaSmart EX497 running Windows Home Server 2011. Will the USB to VGA Video Graphics Adapter for Multiple Displays up to 1920x1080 accomplish this?

Hi Julia,

Our USB graphics adapters use DisplayLink technology which requires a compatible graphics processor in your system, and most servers (including yours) do not meet these compatibility requirements.

However, as a fellow MediaSmart owner, I faced a similar challenge. Depending on your willingness to dig inside the system a bit, there are dongles that can be connected to the motherboard to provide a VGA port. (Though the devices usually need to be purchased from Europe; haven’t seen any US sellers.)

Note: link provided as a courtesy; not familiar with this specific seller or their version of this adapter.


Hope this helps!

Thank you, Gary! This was very helpful.

Happy to help!