Disappearing cursor

I have followed you instruction and uninstall the newer DisplayLink Core Software and installed the older version.

I turn off the Surface display and the cursor seems to be behaving. I hope this works out.

Thanks for watching this thread and providing a solution.

I’m having the same problem when using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (Windows 8.1) with an external display and the notebook screen closed.

I can use a workaround, but hopefully this info will help nail the issue down.

Whenever I Receive Updates to Windows 8.1 the version 7.5 M stops working and I have to uninstall and re-install the Driver. But outside of that I am not experiencing any Mouse issues and it woks great. Is this a known Issue?

The cursor is acting up again, After another windows update uninstall re install didn’t work

I got a firmware update for the surface Pro 2. Now I don’t have Audio and the cursor is Disappearing again. Please help.

Hi Dave - Let’s tackle the cursor problem first. I’m assuming three things:

  1. The setup has the Surface’s screen off while you’re using the USB-attached screen. I’m assuming this since turning off the tablet screen (“secondary only” mode) is the only way I know so far to create the disappearing cursor problem.

  2. Even with the Surface screen off, you were able to avoid the problem before by going to driver version 7.4. That’s because that version of DisplayLink driver keeps the main GPU awake at all times – that avoids the cursor problem, but burns battery.

  3. The latest Windows Update upgraded you to 7.5, triggering the problem again.

Before we go too deep, I want to confirm I’ve got all that right. Especially #3 – can you check Windows “Programs and Features”, look for “DisplayLink Core Software” and confirm that Windows Update automatically upgraded it to 7.5?

Then we’ll understand why the cursor problem is getting triggered. And we can either go back to 7.4 or decide it’s simpler to have the Surface’s own screen be enabled and part of the desktop.


I am running version 7.5.540.18.0. The Audio is working again. But the Mouse disappears when I run external monitor. I was fine until Surface Pro updated the Firmware Suggestions?

Hi Dave - Thanks, what you’re seeing makes sense with 7.5 M1.

With 7.5 M1, you’ll need to run with the Surface screen on. That will keep the Intel GPU from sleeping, which will keep the mouse cursor visible.

Unfortunately the workaround we used earlier to go back to 7.4 isn’t viable – the newer 7.5 M1 update will be re-offered every time the machine connects to Windows Update. And for some reason, 7.5 M1 in particular is getting pushed to all devices on older versions.

To use the setup with the Surface screen on:

  1. Hit the Windows-P hotkey to bring up the basic monitor settings, and choose “Extend”

And to fine-tune the position of the Surface screen and the larger monitor:

  1. Hit the Windows-R hotkey

  2. Run “desk.cpl” and re-arrange the monitors to match the physical position on your desktop

With this configuration, you shouldn’t see the mouse disappear.

Would you be willing to give that a try and confirm?

Thanks and best wishes,

extend and mirror work well. but i would like to only use the external monitor when i am docked. if this is the only solution should i just update the driver do you have a new driver in the works?

I have done everything I can think of.

Seems to be working a little bit better. I hope there will be an update down the line.

Wonderful! Yes - DisplayLink’s next driver release is 6.2 M2 coming in April, and we know there are improvements in this area (although until it’s out, we can be sure how much of the Intel sleeping problem can be solved by DisplayLink).

Thanks again for your patience - glad we’re at a good workaround for now.

Like someone else above said, I’m also having the same problem when using a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro (Windows 8.1) with an external display and the notebook screen closed.

My cursor was fine until today when I downloaded the latest plugable driver. I downloaded it to see if it would fix two other problems I have. 1) The screen blanks out for a second or two now and then, and 2) My computer gets input from the touchscreen or touchpad while it is closed. I’m trying to figure out if this is a computer problem or a plugable problem.

I do have the 7.5 M1 but when I tried to download the 7.5 M0 it won’t install, just tells my my drivers are already up to date.

So I turned on the cursor trails and now I can see my cursor.

Still a little confused by this thread about what is the best long term fix. But I guess for now I have the latest driver so I can see if my other issues recur, and I can see my pointer.

Hi Cindi - Thanks for emailing. You’ve got it - the pointer trails setting is the best long-term fix, simply because it’s not dependent on anything else and doesn’t have any downsides. We do expect DisplayLink will resolve this tradeoff between power handling and cursor behavior in future driver versions, but the current driver (7.5 M1) isn’t there yet. Thanks again! Bernie

Hi Dave - One more thing we can try. The underlying problem here is the Intel GPU going to sleep, when it’s needed drawing the hardware cursor.

Let’s try switching to a software cursor to see if that helps. Here’s how:

  1. Hit Windows-R and run “main.cpl” and choose the “pointer options” tab


Choose mouse trails, but make them “short”. This will not change the behavior of the cursor, but will cause it to be software rendered.

Can you check if this provides a better workaround than extended mode?