Disabling video on machine with direct connection to monitor.


I have a three machine setup on my desk here, all recently joined at the hip by the use of the UD-3000 to unify all the peripherals to allow them to be moved between these three devices (MS Surface Pro for home use, Work laptop when required and gaming/video editing tower.)

Is there a known way of disabling the video function on the UD-3000 by machine?

The reason I ask is that the gaming machine is connected via DVI to the monitor, and the UD-3000 drives the HDMI input on the same panel. I have no requirements for expanding the screen with the desktop machine, and the two mobile devices expand nicely via the device onto the HDMI input.

Is it as simple as disabling the UD-3000 in device manager under the USB Display devices option, or will this quash the USB hub functions also?



Hi Ben,

Good question, thanks for posting!

You can disable the video functionality as you mention, by disabling the UD-3000 under USB Display Devices in Device Manager. The USB hub functionality will remain intact when doing so since the USB hub chipsets are separate from the DisplayLink chip.

Also, if you have issues running games with the DisplayLink software installed on your tower rig (which can happen due to interactions between DirectX/OpenGL and the DisplayLink graphics driver), DisplayLink has a tool that will disable the DisplayLink drivers after rebooting the system:

Please note this may not be needed if the UD-3000 driver is disabled in Device Manager, but feel free to give it a try if there are any gaming related issues on the tower.