Disable UASP

Is there anyways to disable UASP on the USB3-SATA-UASP1 and having it use BOT mode instead on Windows 10 build 1607? I am trying to use it store virtual tape files from StarWind Virtual SAN 8, but when the dock is powered on it causes Virtual SAN to hang. As soon as the dock is powered off Virtual SAN becomes responsive again. I suspect it may be due to it presenting itself as a SCSI device in some form, and for whatever reason isnt responding to whatever SCSI commands Virtual SAN is sending it. Thanks.

I’ve tried applying the d002 firmware update and StarWind still hangs when this device is powered on. In the firmware update program, if I click Check Config, and then Device Info it shows Support USAP: YES and Enable USAP: YES, which leads me to belive that USAP can be disabled in the configuration registers.